Julian Skiboat releases uplifting single “Flowers”

Written by Molly Smits.

February is poised to be a big month for San Antonio singer-songwriter Julian Skiboat, who is dropping his new single, “Flowers’” on February 12th. This hazy-sounding, melodic track is the first in a string of singles that are Skiboat’s follow-up to his debut EP, nice to meet u

If nice to meet u is what you consider to be sad-boy bedroom pop, “Flowers” is its positive but relaxed older sibling. An upbeat but still laidback sound poised to be the next aesthetically sounding Tik Tok song, the track really shows how to make light out of the dark. Using lyrics like “isn’t life something? We’re just two kids growing old” and “maybe it’s just me,” Julian shows that while things may feel like it’s the end, it doesn’t have to be. He states that “I think my upcoming songs and projects I really want to dive into that kind of like ‘it could be worse I can make it through this message.”

Julian got his start in the industry around the age of 18, writing for his local pop-punk bands until he decided to move onto bigger (and poppier) things. Now, at the age of 24, Julian is ready to take on the world with his therapeutic lyrics, positive but realistic message (it could be worse), and hazy melodies. Julian’s new single, “Flowers” will be on all streaming services today! Be sure to follow his social media accounts to stay in touch with his new releases! 

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