The Collective Bus releases new single “Take Time”

Written by Molly Smits

The Collective Bus is an alternative rock band, hailing from Miami, Florida. Their music, tinged with tropical influences on top of their easy-going alternative rock nature, gives an interesting twist to a scene that can become stagnant. Their lyrics provide comfort and advice to us that we all need to hear in music. 

The band may have released their newest single, “Take Time,” back in October but this song is the perfect to your newly-curated springtime playlist. The band combined relaxed melodies, easygoing guitar and drums, with a flair that makes you feel like you are somewhere warm.

When it came to writing the single, front man Daniel Correa was already conjuring up golden, reminiscent lyrics to pair with the tune. He says “I’m all instinct, so if the thesis pops into my head from a garbled melody. The story kinda writes itself, doesn’t it?”

The lyrics are extremely relatable, urging you to “Take Time” and reflect on your life and your relationships. I know that is a sentiment we can all relate to.

Once touring is something we can all do again, be sure to check these guys out! You can find “Take Time” on Spotify as well as see their most up-to-date projects and tour dates at their website,

By Molly Anne

Sports, Traveling, and Music. Using this platform to showcase some of my writing and blather on about the stuff no one cares about.

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