Paging Doctor Moon Releases Debut Album

Paging Doctor Moon, Brooklyn’s newest indie pop outfit, is releasing their debut album on March 5th. The alt indie act is fronted by singer/songwriter Kirsten Heibert, who formed the initial group back in 2018 under a different band name. The group is up and coming but has made their rounds in the local indie and alternative scenes and are ready to bring their debut album to you!

The debut album from Paging Doctor Moon, titled Lost My Body, will be released officially on all streaming services March 5th, but we had our first listen just a little before that! The 9-track debut is centered around love, in all of its glory and all of its hopeless, destructive nature. Drawing major influence from major solo artists like Fiona Apple, Heibert’s songwriting showcases the worst parts of love in the most beautiful way.

This soulful release was penned entirely by Kirsten, with instruments from Morgan Karabel and Michael Bunin, and it really shows with its attention to detail. Kirsten really drew from her own hurtful, soul wrenching experiences to bring this love-filled debut to life. Lost My Body will be available on all streaming services on Friday, March 5th.

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