Valleyheart gears up for EP release

Massachusetts’ own Valleyheart have a new single out this month, the second from their upcoming EP which will be released March 26th, 2021. The newest single, titled “Scenery,” uses meaningful lyrics and pulsating guitars to really convey a feeling that all of us know too well, the importance of being sound of mind and body.

The band was formed back in 2016, and the four-piece has quickly cultivated their own following in the scene. Their earlier works are similar in sound and lyrical content, but their newest endeavor is their most ambitious yet. The lyrical content still brings a story to tell to the table. However, the overall themes seem to be large enough for all to relate their own experiences to. Combining a darker tone with heavier guitars and haunting melodies, the newest single shows the bigger things to come from Valleyheart. In my opinion, they could be the next big thing in the scene. 

Valleyheart’s newest single, as well as their entire discography, can be streamed on Spotify and is quickly garnering 300,000+ streams. The band can also be found on all social media platforms, under the username of valleyheartma.

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