Hit Like A Girl premieres newest single

Fresh off their new label signing, New Jersey’s own Hit Like A Girl is back with their newest single, Monsters, which is out March 16th! The single features guest vocals from Bartees Strange as well as frontperson Nicolle Maroulis’ best vocals to date. The single tackles the realization that times are constantly changing and the only person you have is yourself. With relaxing guitars and reassuring lyrics, Maroulis lets us know that they might be struggling with self-doubt but only they can pull themselves back from the darkness.

Hit Like A Girl started in New Jersey back in 2017 and is led by frontperson Nicolle Maroulis. They have gained a strong following in their home state, as well as two full-lengths prior to their most recent one, Heart Racer, which will be released on April 2nd through Refresh Records. In addition to their hometown following, the band also works in close ties with Nicolle’s nonprofit, No More Dysphoria. You can find more information about Maroulis’s musical endeavors as well as their nonprofit on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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