John Myrtle shares single on how to navigate love in 2021.

Sometimes it is easier to look at the world through rose-colored glasses. Keeping a positive outlook on life through a rosy lens makes it easier to get through mundane and downright hard days. John Myrtle sees the world like this, which we are able to see clearly through his newest single, “How Can You Tell If You Love Her?” the debut single from his upcoming full-length release.

Myrtle is a talented pop singer/songwriter hailing from the UK, and despite the dreariness of where he lives, his music is the complete opposite. The single, a bright sound to contrast the anxious lyrics, gives a positive tone that we all need to hear sometimes. Love is a confusing, unpredictable feeling, full of emotions we don’t understand sometimes. However, John Myrtle gives a soundtrack to be able to navigate those confusing feelings.

The album is sonically similar to the debut single, bright sounds in combination with dealing with harder topics such as love during a global pandemic, and is something we can all enjoy after a long year. The single is very much like listening to the calm after the storm, and the album will be no different. John is releasing his debut album, Myrtle Soup, is being released June 18th through Sad Club Records.

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